What is Crossleague

Crossleaague is unique project of its kind, and idea that was born in the very heart of Europe, in Ostrava, third biggest city of Czech Republic.

In this city will take place also the final competition - Crossleague Throwdown.

Aim of the project is to regularly check skills, abilities and universality of athletes divided to different categories based on age and level of exercise. And to enable athletes to compare themselves to the others.

Join us, it is definitely worth to be part of this project.


Every athlete who wants to participate in a crossleague must registered itself at crossleague.cz.

Fill out the profile of the athlete and choose the category in which you will compete. We want everyone to have chance of success, so we have decided to create three crossleague categories where you can compare yourself to others who are similar in age and performance.

The minimum age for registration is 16 years with the written consent of the legal guardian (for athletes up to 18 years).

For the forthcoming year, you can try the league for free, in a pilot regime from December to June. Then if you want to take part in the second Crossleague Throwdown, you will only pay for this final competition. That will take place in the unique industrial area of ​​so called lower Vítkovice (DOV). The fee for this competition is 999, - CZK.

Get ready. The league kicks off on December 1.

You can join the league later, but do not give your rivals a headstart and fight for participation in the Crossleague Throwdown from the first month.

CrossLeague fee in Czech crowns CZK or in EURO
1000 Kč
Bank account : 107-6104570267/0100
IBAN : CZ1401000001076104570267
Account name: IN PARK FITNESS S.R.O.

40 EUR
Bank account : 123-655510247/0100
IBAN : CZ2701000001230655510247
Account holder : IN PARK FITNESS S.R.O.

Your ID is your variable symbol.
Last year´s winners who won free participation on CrosseLeague 2019/20, please write me for promo code, that you enter here.


Age 20-35 yrs Sport, Elite, Beast

Age 35yrs + Sport, Elite, Beast

Category SPORT

To this category can sign up everyone who likes to crossfit a who is familiar with all basic exercises, but better leave this category for beginners who may still struggle with pull ups, who are not yet fully familiar with weightlifting techniques or simply appears at the trainings only occasionally. Take a look at the last year´s WOD whether you wouldn´t be bored at this category. The more difficult exercises he/she “scale” and is aware, that there is still long journey ahead And no one should be afraid of heavy weights, C2B, pistols, hspu or hs walk, but better leave this category for beginners who may still struggle with pull ups, who are not yet fully familiar with weightlifting techniques or simply appears at the trainings only occasionally. Take a look at the last year´s WOD whether you wouldn´t be bored at this category.

Category ELITE

If you are able to exercise all „crossfit girls“with RX weights, then you belong here! And if you just hesitate if you are “good enough” for the ELITE, check out the last year´s WOD and you will see that you really are. Maybe you slightly hesitate at this moment, thinking that MU is not your strength… Don´t worry, it is still plenty of time for improvement until the final competition come.

Motivation for you could be that in qualification, you can “scale” this exercise, of course for different points than if you meet RX standard. But we assure you that potential necessity of “scaling” will be in 1 or 2 WOD max.

Category BEAST

Do you train really hard, regularly, even more time a day? Do you constantly improve your performance, power, weights, abilities…? Are you always on top 10 of all competitions? Then this is right place for you! Sign up in this category and challenge best athletes who are coequal to you. And get ready for heavy weights….

These categories are used for age categories 19-35 and 35+. Category Teens of age 14-19yr are just one category, no subcategories.

Men and women compete within its gender.

The Organizing Committee stipulates the right for “technical adjustment” of the category of a competitor. It will apply in case that the competitor clearly exceeds or fails to meet the required standards for that category.


The WOD will be published every first day of the month and you have exactly twenty-one days to complete and submit your results to your Crossleague profile and linked it with your video at youtube.

Together with the monthly WOD we will publish an „tutorial“ video in which we show you all required standards as well as possible mistakes and „no reps“. Please pay attention on this video. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact the crossleague team info@crossleague.cz

When filming a video, you must have your own judge who is responsible for your score and the order in the table. We believe that you will not have a problem to find a friend who evaluates your performance, the standards of each practice are known by everyone who crossfit.

We recommend that your judge count loudly and report “no reps”. For timekeeping while recording your videos you can download for example WODproof app. Make sure all the exercises are visible on the camera for whole time so your score/time is undoubted. By submitting the video, you became responsible for its accuracy. In case Organizing Commity find out breach of standards or miscalculation in number of reps, you will be penalized and getting zero points for this WOD.

In case of any doubts or questions, please contact our team, who reserves the right of “ head judge” and resolve any unclear situation.

men elite
Jakub Baluch
men master
Roman Vojtkovský
men sport
Lukas Neminarz
women elite
Lucia Štepániková
women master
Romana Gajdošová